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Q: What are the key opportunities for college grads and MBAs?
A: Booz•Allen recruits outstanding candidates from graduate schools, undergraduate institutions and other degree programs, as well as from the world's top corporations. New MBA hires begin at the Associate level and advance to Senior Associate, Principal, and then Partner. People typically spend two to three years at each level. On average, it takes about seven years to become a Partner. Undergraduates join the firm as Consultants, who are integral members of our teams. Because Consultants usually join the firm directly from undergraduate schools, we don't expect them to have the same expertise as new Associates or industry hires. We invest in their training to enable them to develop the high-level business skills they need to become powerful contributors to client projects. Most Consultants remain with the firm for two to three years before attending top-tier business schools or, on occasion, moving on to other career opportunities. Booz•Allen supports their choices and offers tuition reimbursement to Consultants who choose to attend business school and return as Associates.

Q: What are the key opportunities for experienced hires?
A: Booz•Allen hires a significant number of experienced individuals. Last year over 25 percent of our new members were experienced hires and we expect to continue that mix ongoing. Among the strategy consulting firms, Booz•Allen is uniquely suited to utilize the skills and perspectives offered by experienced individuals. Our business is organized around industry and functional (systems and operations strategy) practices. We are very interested in individuals with backgrounds which they wish to utilize in a broader area as a strategic consultant. We and our clients greatly value the knowledge and know-how people with experience represent. We hire experienced individuals at all levels in the firm, but moreso at the middle levels of senior associate and principal.

Q: What types of compensation packages do you offer?
A: Our compensation package consists of signing bonus, salary, performance bonus, and benefits, including relocation, medical, dental and life insurance as well as retirement program options. Booz•Allen & Hamilton's compensation package ranks competitively within in the industry.

Q: How long do most people stay with the firm?
A: Booz•Allen's turnover rate is comparable to the industry averages. While we seek candidates who are committed to a career in consulting, we also recognize that many candidates need to experience consulting before deciding on a long-term career path. For consultants who decide to transition out of the Firm, BA&H makes available a number of services to assist them in the process. In addition to career counseling, consultants also have access to a well-maintained database of job leads, as well as an extensive contact list of executive search/outplacement professionals.

Q: What skills do job seekers need to be successful at the work and at the firm?
A: Booz•Allen is looking to see if your previous work experience demonstrates leadership and teamwork - both of which will be essential components of your work at the firm. We also look for intellectual and personal integrity, analytic ability, creative problem solving skills, the ability to see the "big picture" while maintaining attention to details, and superb communication skills.

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