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Greedy Clerks Board Links
1st Circuit   delete  
4th Circuit   delete  
5th Circuit   delete  
7th Circuit   delete  
9th Circuit   delete  
D.C. Circuit   delete  
Admnistrative Office of the Courts  Federal Judiciary Homepage   delete  
Federal Court Clerks Association Homepage   delete  
2nd Circuit  Site for the Second Circuit Court of Appeals (NY, VT, CT) BrennanMarshall  
How Appealing  Howard Bashman's must-read law blog McReynolds, J.  
Clerkship bonus chart  latest version  
Southern Appeal  The random musings of a Southern Federalist  
The Volokh Conspiracy  Law blog of Eugene Volokh and friends  
< ? law blogs # >  homepage for the law blogs ring  
Most-cited American Legal Periodicals  from Washington & Lee - see post 13524 Eddie_Felson  
Vacancy List  Official federal court vacancy list from the AO Eddie_Felson  
Future Vacancies  list of future vacancies (from the AO) Eddie_Felson  
Confirmations List  list of recent confirmations (from the AO) Eddie_Felson  
Non-US citizens federal clerkship requirements  Details for US government employment in general, applicable to federal law clerks AEternitatis  
6th Circuit  MI, OH, KY, TN AEternitatis  
The Big Rock Candy Mountain  how to get a job in legal teaching, by Brad Wendel Eddie_Felson  
Info & Advice on Law Teaching  from Brian Leiter Eddie_Felson  
All Deliberate Speed  civil rights blawg W.H. Taft  
J-Net Employment Database  The internal job database from the AO. implied oral consent  
JSP Pay Table 2003  Rest of the United States Pay Table for 2003 Eddie_Felson  
HR Manual - JSP Classification  HR Manual's rules on JSP grade classification Eddie_Felson  
Salary Matching Plan  Official rules for the Salary Matching Plan Eddie_Felson  
ABA Judicial Ratings  ABA's ratings of judicial nominees in the 108th Congress Eddie_Felson  
Boggs Quiz  Judge Boggs' quiz for prospective clerks Eddie_Felson  
NALP Judicial Clerkship Study  Study on the entire process of clerking for the judiciary. implied oral consent  
Feeder Judges List  Feeder Judges  
UTR's Feeder Rankings  Up-to-date feeder rankings, with trends, from the blog "Underneath Their Robes" Justice Suitor  
Supreme Court clerks by law school  Brian Leiter's SCT clerkship chart (current up to OT01) Justice Suitor  
FLCIS  Fed. Law Clerk Info. Sys. -- search for clerkships Justice Suitor  
The "Plan"  The Law Clerk Hiring Plan, FWIW Justice Suitor  
Appellate Practice Blog  A blog is devoted to appellate law that provides case summaries and links to articles on appellate advocacy, maintained by Greedy Clerks. Slava Trudu  
Public Legal Intellectual Glossary  Wiki dictionary subtext of words and phrases used in legal analysis aimed at large audiences. Angry_White Clerk  

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