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Money, QOL, Intrigue, Housing, Hirings, Firings, BBQ, Experience, Rumors, Hours, Hopes, Breakfast Tacos, Rants, Commutes, Benefits, Hints, Reasons To Go On, Reasons To Quit, Alternatives, Steely Realism, Flights Of Fancy, Good Food, Bonuses, Dickweeds, Parking Spaces, Regrets, Baseless Assertions, Knowing Winks, Frustrations, Victories, and more or less Succesfully Completed Days.

TEXLAW in its glory.

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Hi BRN, I am a IP legal recruiter in the Dallas/Fort Worth
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I am looking to switch from big defense firm to a successful
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Hello, I know someone made a similar post, but that was o
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This June, Rick Perry called a special session to reform the
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oh, and these boards seem pretty dead. Therefore, if you ca
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My experience, is that applying for jobs in Houston while yo
May 19 Relocating back to Houston -- need advice -- ColdDesert
I am a 2005 law grad with mediocre law school grades (rankin
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