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From Now On, Substantive Information On the LA/OC Legal Market. See Administrator's Message 10623.

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Jan 12 Bowman Brooke -- GMS
for Hawthorne associates, 3d year, 115k.
Jan 12 Severson Werson salary -- GMS
for Irvine associates, 3d year, 125k.
Jan 12 Newmeyer Dillion salary -- GMS
for Newport Beach associates, 3d year, 115k.
Jan 12 Frandzel Robins salary -- GMS
for LA associate, 3d year, 130k.
Jan 12 Grant Genovese salary -- GMS
for Irvine associates, 3d year, 91k.
Aug 6 Update: The New Greedy Associates Boards -- FindLaw_Moderator
Yes, we are aware that July 15 has come and gone, and yet he
Jun 24 The New Greedy Associates Boards Are Coming -- FindLaw_Moderator
Get ready for the new Greedy Associates! The all-new Gree
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