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Re: Question rcraig May 24, 2009 10:16 am
Depends on what you want to use as the basis for rating each.
If you use the economy and the direction it is heading yo may have missed the boat on some of the fields you list.
If the US economy goes total bust and I'm reading the political posturing by our leaders right now correctly I would say they could be ranked in the following order.
1. Criminal Defense (private Practice only, a bankrupt government will have very little resources and attorneys will be severely overworked)
2. Insurance Defense (this would include workers compensation and claims fraud, there will be a big boon to collect just before the economy collapses after that it's every man and woman for themselves)
3. Bankruptcy and Plaintiffs Personal Injury should pick up real strong by the end of the year.
4. Bankruptcy will increase by the end of the year and become an overworked area by 2011
5. As far as Real Estate you can say you have missed the boat unless you want to auction off property on the steps of the court house.

In short it is all conjuncture and a matter of what you want to believe in, a bleak outlook or a return to the golden era of the McMansion.
Debt collection
Plaintiffs personal injury

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