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medical benefits, please help! (5 min survey) benefitsquestion April 17, 2008 08:27 am
Hi, could anyone tell me what the infertility benefits is at their firm. It is usually a dollar limitation amount like $10K or $15K or a set number of tries with IVF (like 2X). It differs drastically from firm to firm and it is almost impossible to find this information. Unfortunately for us, we just discovered we need this benefit. Everyone hopes they will never have to use any of the medical benefits, but once a medical problem is discovered a resource such as this becomes indispensable.

The information will be described in the summary plan description (SPD) of your healthcare plan which should be available in the benefits section of your intrafirm website or in a paper copy that you received at orientation. Do a control "find" search for "infertility." Thank you all in advance.

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