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Re: Are headhunters really that stupid? HellaCool March 29, 2012 10:05 am
<<I was laid off recently, and I've found that no one is paying to use a HH. Even tiny companies are just posting the positions on their web sites, with little or no effort at wider dissemination. This puts people like me in the position of having to check company websites every week, to see if there are new positions. And yea, I've got a list of 100+ hyperlinks that I click EACH WEEK. Greeeeaaat use of my time. I'm very close to concluding that it would be easier to start my own firm. >>

Frankly, that is what you should do to avoid having the hole in your resume. A few months, no big deal. But once you start going 6-9 months, you should patch that hole with something like "the Law Offices of SockForTheDay". As a matter of fact, with a little networking, you can actually turn that into a career - I have many friends, former in-housers all, who have set up shop alone or with a few others, billing themselves as "help when you need it" to inhouse counsel -- they won't do the M&A deals for you but will do overflow work, scut work, stuff that lightens the load. They bill out at 200-300 an hour, a bargain for veteran (10-15 year) attorneys. With no overhead and some hustle, you can easily bill 1000-1200 hours in a year -- at 250 an hour that's a nice living even after you pay your malpractice premium and minor business expenses....

<<It's actually worse than that. Most companies (even smallish ones) require applicants to use an online portal for submitting their resume. This portal sends the resume through word recognition software for comparison against a list of desired words. If the desired words don't appear in the resume, A HUMAN DOESN'T EVEN SEE IT. Add to this that there's an HR peon (remember: "neither Human nor Resourceful") making up the word list, and I think you can start to see the problems.>>

6 months ago I got a free Kindle copy of "You're Better Than Your Job Search", a book by Mark Cendella (the guy who founded The Ladders) and it nicely covered the HR-bot problem. Apart form the generally good tips, it was the most revealing part of that book to me.

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