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Re: Denver salary question lowlylawclerk December 18, 2008 09:59 am
50 to 100 plus. I know that's a wide range, but there's a wide range in the quality of work, quality of clients, billing rates, and billables required at firms of that size.

I know someone who recently went to a 20 attorney civil litigation firm and got a little over 100 to start. But that firm is sort of a biglaw refugee firm. Messner, Ireland Stapelton, and Otten Johnson are all near 30-40 attys and pay from 105 to 120. But I know people who went to firms of 30 or so, or nearly 30, who got 60 to 70.

In the end, if you can find out the rate the firm bills new associates and the hours expected of you then you have a ballpark figure to work with. You certainly shouldn't try and rigidly apply the rule of three, but if a firm wants to pay you much less that 25% of your gross you probably wnat to look for a firm that values its long term relationship with its associates a little better.

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