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Relocating back to Houston -- need advice ColdDesert May 19, 2011 07:42 pm
I am a 2005 law grad with mediocre law school grades (ranking fell in middle third)from a decent law school (consistently ranked in the 40's). I am presently employed at a national labor and employment law firm. I've been litigating at this firm for 3 years now.

I am married to a 2003 law grad, who also had mediocre law school grades (not sure on ranking) from an unranked law school. He is a transactional attorney, with experience in real estate law and corporate transactions. He is also patent licensed, but has only limited experience in IP. My husband is presently employed in-house at a very large corporation.

We live in a west coast state that has a fairly small legal community. We are both licensed in Texas as well as our present state.

I actually like my job at my firm....I enjoy the work I do, and get along well with the shareholders that I work for, as well as the other associates. I have received good reviews, and am respected at my firm.

My husband, on the other hand, has a terribly mean and grouchy boss, and thus, hates his job on most days.

We have decided to relocate back to Houston with our one year old child for a variety of reasons (family, miss Texas lifestyle). Our lease in our rental home expires at the end of August this year. I am desperately seeking advice on the following:

1) When do we start sending out resumes? Is it too soon to send out resumes in May if we don't expect to move until late August/September?

2) What is the legal job market like in Houston -- meaning, are law firms hiring? I ask because (presuming we are unable to get jobs prior to our move) I'd like to get a decent idea on how long we might be unemployed.

3) My national law firm has an office in Houston. I think I have a pretty decent chance of getting a transfer. What is the best way for me to ask for one?

4) What are the salary ranges for 5 year and 7 year attorneys at mid-size law firms?

Thank you very much for reading my post, and for sharing any info/advice you may have.

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