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NCCU evening or UNC NCcra August 05, 2009 06:51 pm
I'm seeking advice about adding a law degree. I'm 40, earning a non-profit salary (mid 50s) in R-DU. I have two master's degrees. Also, kids and a mortgage. One of my degrees is in urban planning. I would like to take that experience, along with my work in housing policy, into the law.
My choices, as it seems to me, are NCCU's evening program or UNC. I need to understand how much of a difference it would make to go to one school versus the other. I expect that I would earn less from NCCU, but then again, I wouldn't have to give up a salary and the tuition is less.
I have a neighbor with a JD from NCCU who is looking for work, 18 months after graduation. I have a 2L NCCU intern who can barely write a paragraph. Should I be worried?
NCCU seems like a low-risk choice - I get a degree without risking a job, and I don't spend too much money.

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