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Re: Gingrich as GOP frontrunner patentdough March 13, 2012 09:31 am
I hear ya. I'm triple short (and getting creamed the past few weeks) in a self-directed 401k, so giving up gains to last year. Demark's last call on Bloomberg was to short if we hit 1375 S&P intraday, which we did repeatedly. His bigger call was that a move over 1343 (in February) would satisfy an exhaustion pattern, so the thinking should be that we flip back below it this month or next.

But that's fighting the fed. All the feds. Something like 70 easing actions by central banks in the past few months.

Which, in turn, leads me to the energy problem. Diesel usage at the lowest since 1996, gasoline usage at the lowest since 2001, China and Japan both running huge trade DEFICITS now largely due to energy import needs, etc. They fixed some problems, but boy oh boy do we have some others!

The housing market seems to be going gangbusters this spring though, so we got that going for us at least.

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