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Re: Expat compensation packages patentphd August 02, 2011 02:55 pm
Going through the ex-pat package for my non-attorney husband in Asia. COL pay adjustment + an inconvenience bump, like hazard pay, relocation expenses (both ways), allowance for yearly visit home for entire family, tuition for k-12 kids (not pre-school), car w/ driver, real estate management service for US home, housing allowance, tax preparation fees, $ to pay tax bill on all these ex-pat expenses that count as additional compensation, and a long list of misc. stuff you would expect, like immigration attorney fees and medical benefits.
Regarding term, his is a two year agreement with an option for a third year if both parties agree. He is guaranteed a position upon return (and all return expenses), but there is no guarantee that it will be a position at the same or higher level then he had in Asia.
He works for a large international chemical company.
Let me know if you find we're missing something important.

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