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Re: Looking Forward to My $100 Boom Town September 04, 2009 11:38 am
Hey, I didn't think anyone was still out there! Or at least anyone worth talking to. I'm still toiling away as an associate, fooling myself into thinking that that ring is a) still made of brass, as opposed to, say, tin, and b) only a short sprint away. I think I remember that you went in-house, which is less of an option for us litigators - and these days, going anywhere doesn't seem much of an option for anyone. (except apparently for KJo, who can't even be gracious in defeat)

Speaking of which, the Great Recession has been brutal. I think it's fair to say that the heady days that made this board great will not return any time soon. I hope you, Mrs. J, & the little Jackal(s) are well; maybe your hours are halfway decent, at least. Have a good Labor day week-end -- if you ever want to contact me off-line, I'm at newyorklawyer(at), although it's not an address I check often.

Last one here, turn out the lights!


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