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Re: Looking Forward to My $100 KJo August 26, 2009 03:08 pm
I swear to God (lechacal thinks that would be em) that I have not been on this site since '08. I just happened to think about it today in a fit of boredom and here I am reminded of this old bet.
Do you have the data for me? You act like I was in left field. The above article seems to make me the winner.

You wouldn't post such nonsense unless you were right so just give me the stats and you'll get your $100. It would truly suck if you won simply bc the luxury end got you over the hump bc I'm not sure that the average studio-1br-2br dropped more than 20% (I don't really follow it--I just know that my apt didn't tank that much).

And what about Cravath? You were right about what? Don't think I ever disagreed on layoffs/dissolution of many firms. 1. I knew this was coming bc partners will tell you the darndest things when they work FOR you and 2. Only an idiot would think that half of these clown shops could sustain those salaries and bonuses.

Nobody saw what was coming in the fall of '08 so maybe that 20%+ drop (of the overall RE market) did happen. Nothing surprises me at this point.

In any event, it's nice to see that you haven't changed a bit. Still a d-bag.

For my part, I realized that you could make a lot more money outside of the world of law. And you end up pitying the folks that run around in a tizzy worrying about prestige, hours and all of the other bs that lawyers care about. They just don't realize that's why everyone hates them (especially the business folks) and they will NEVER make real money by billing their time.

I hope you got equity somewhere by now. Otherwise, I feel sorry for you.

I'll check back at some point for the stats.

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