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Ideas for DC paralegal jobs mensa58 December 16, 2005 06:44 am
This was snipped from a post on the Greedy DC associates board:

"I am a lit para in a BIGLAW firm with 10+ years experience (and sadly paid under market - no, really). I am becoming increasingly disillusioned with the current firm and am contemplating moving on. There are always openings for us litties on, the Post, etc., but, of course, I want the perfect situation: excellent QOL, good benies, no sweat shops, appropriate salary, appreciation as a paraprofessional, little or no travel (local road trips ok). And preferably in NoVa, not DC. "

If you want a senior lit paralegal position that you don't think is a sweatshop -- first, define what you think is a "sweatshop." From what I've seen in a 20+ year paralegal career, litigation paralegals are either at the firm doing crazy hours prepping for trial (or discovery -- or whatever you call it, I'm in corporate) or taking a much-deserved break between crises.

If you want a position with no OT -- you're not going to get it (not and get all the other things you want as well). Sounds like maybe you should switch careers or look for an in-house position.

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