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Re: Litigation Law Clerk - Midsize Firm Dead Reckoning February 02, 2009 08:08 pm
A couple of suggestions: Don't try too hard to "sell" yourself or you'll come across as trying to sell yourself -- interviewers can tell (smell?) when a candidate is trying too hard. Point out what in your past makes you suited to do well in the position (ex. "I've worked incredibly hard in law school to get good grades, and I'd apply that same work ethic and attention to detail here" or, "In my role of X before law school I handled issues A,B,C and I'm really looking forward to dealing with similar issues but this time from a legal perspective"). While you're trying to impress the interviewer, never forget who they have to impress: the client. Anything you can do that might add value to what they do for their clients is great for them. I think even a simple acknowledgement of this fact during the interview might help you -- most law students fail to realize the importance of it because they haven't yet had to bill clients. Perhaps you have some familiarity with contracts, the UCC or other "business" issues that the firm handles routinely in their litigation practice that might be helpful to point out. (btw, "business litigation" is a huge swath that could include all sorts of things.) That's all I've got for now. Good luck.

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