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Re: Question about LS eyestrain August 18, 2008 07:53 am
You get the idea. An LSAT score in your range is sure to get you in somewhere. If you apply to schools in the top 14 you'll probably get into at least a couple, but likely with no scholarship money.

Actually, I don't think he/she will probably get into any top 14 schools unless maybe some of the state schools on the list give an advantage to in-staters and [s]he's from the right state or, of course, s/he's a URM. i did slightly better on the LSATs and it sounds like I did a lot better in undergrad at a toppish undergrad. i'm not saying "won't", but it is far from likely. unless things have changed, i think all of the top 14 have average LSAT's above 90th percentile, so I don't see how you're likely to get in if you're a white or asian applicant who isn't going to be given a boost on their LSATs (and recent affirmative action decisions may very well have blunted whatever assistance URMs get depending on the location). and like the poster, I was applying in the midst of a recession (or almost recession), so applications were up. i also came from one of the lowest birth years on record in the early 70's, whereas our 30 year old applicant is fighting it out with the height of the baby boomers' spawning results, so it might be harder now. (it is certainly a heck of a lot harder to get into a top college than when i applied).

with that said, our poster ought to be able to get into a good top 25-35 school if s/he desires and from there it is simply a matter of working hard or being lucky re: grades and being in the right location and such. contrary to popular sentiment, you can get a perfectly nice six figure job out of these schools. heck, in recent years it seems like about the top half of the class at my alma matter Fordham have been landing in biglaw and by the time the poster graduates things will have picked up again.

with that said, you should also think long and hard about where you want to practice law after you graduate.

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