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Re: Question about LS Weird Science August 15, 2008 11:33 am
As you'll come to understand soon in law school...

The answer to just about every question is "it depends"

What you call a "good" law school someone else is going to call crap (aside from the top 5 or 10).

Good for what? and where? Is your goal a BigLaw job? Getting a Federal clerkship? Public interest?

You get the idea. An LSAT score in your range is sure to get you in somewhere. If you apply to schools in the top 14 you'll probably get into at least a couple, but likely with no scholarship money. You can certainly count on getting significant (full) ride offers from some other schools. It all depends on factors (are you rich/does debt matter after law school, where do you want to practice when done, etc.)

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