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Bigtiques patent_type April 25, 2012 10:40 am
Who are the bigtiques left in play?

Finnegan Henderson
Fitzpatrick Cella
Merchant & Gould
Kenyon & Kenyon
Brinks Hofer
Blakely Sokoloff
Ladas & Perry
Fish & Richardson
Knobbe Martens
Sughrue Mion
Banner & Witcoff
Fitch Evan
Sterne Kessler
Leydig Voit
Marshall Gerstein
Wolf Greenfield
Harness Dickey
Frommer Lawrence
Conley Rose
Birch Stewart
Oblon Spivak
Nixon & Vanderhye

Wow, more than I thought, once I got to listing them. Probably several of these are more "midtique." And I don't think I did justification to Chicago and Minneapolis.

What do youse folks think? Firms I forgot? Some to be deleted? Did I not remember a merger (acquisition) or two and listed a firm or three that is no longer independent?

BTW, decent list for job hunters and litigation shoppers looking for mid and large boutiques.

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