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Re: trip to Paris RocketScience September 04, 2007 03:14 pm
Sorry, I realized I never actually came back to your question. Was travelling myself.

January is a very off season in Paris. In general, winter in Paris is the price you pay for spring and summer. Not frigid cold, but VERY chilly and rainy and damp. Gets to you sometimes worse than the cold. Bring umbrellas. I honestly am torn whether to advise you to spend that further week in Val d'Isere, where it's properly pleasant for winter.

Hot Chocolate: Not like Swiss Miss. More like melted swiss chocolate in a mug. The real deal is Café Angelina on the rue Rivoli opposite the Tuilleries gardens. Dates back to the early 1900's with a very good breakfast. Second best is a continental breakfast at the chain bakery "Paul"

Musée Carnavalet: basically a museum of Paris. Many kinda cool old things from the history of Paris.

Pont de l'Alma: Stone's throw from the Eiffel Tower, ends on the right bank over the tunnel where Princess Diana crashed. Look for the golden Statue of Liberty like torch thingy where the sentimental flock.

Grands Magasins: Never really thought about it in January, but the big department stores on Boulevard Haussmann might still have their christmas lights out on the facade.

Department store subcategory: the Rotunda in the Printemps department store. Also, the view from the top floor in Printemps.

Sundays: Paris still has blue laws, so for years I thought it was dead until I discovered the Marais, which is the the Jewish district. If you have delicatessen fetishes, this is the place to be.

The Geode and the Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie: The Geode is a huge spherical IMAX like theater, adjacent to the Cite des Sciences, which is a pretty good science museum. Both are quite good -- you pretty much won't go wrong buying a ticket for whatever's showing next at the Geode. The neighborhood, alas, is a wee bit hinky, so you should pretty much plan to be on your way by no later than 3 pm. (Being so far north, the sun sets in about the 4 o'clock hour in Paris in January.)

Tour Montparnasse: The only skyscraper built in Paris proper inspired a law outlawing skyscrapers. But the view is good, and it's usually less crowded than the Eiffel Tower. And it's warmer, because you're indoors.

You just tell me when to shut up.

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