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? About Partners Sabrina03 April 30, 2009 08:26 pm
Lets say there is a partner that berates you, gets within 5 inches of you and screams like a drill instructor, and makes these off the wall statements about things that are totally incorrect. I get that no matter if an equity partner is logically right or wrong the associate is going to be wrong because equity partners will always be right since they have the book of clients. I also understand that an equity partner will not adapt to an associate so the associate either needs to adapt to the equity partner or apply for another job. All of this was explained to me by two different senior associates today. However, if a partner gives you an assignment, you do exactly what is in the written instructions, get screamed at because apparently the equity partner really wanted you to do something else, and then get screamed at when trying to explain why you did what you did, what is the best thing to do? This situation happens on a daily basis with one partner. He did this to other people that worked at the firm before I arrived. I was told that they either mutually decided to leave because of the situation or were fired because he didn't like them. Apparently he is this way with all junior associates. I am the last one left and have been informed by a senior associate that the equity partner has mentally reached a level where no matter what I do the partner will believe it was done wrong. Leaving in this economy is not an option so I really don't want to be fired. Aside from him, I enjoy the job.

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