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Re: small IP practive relocating to JAX (St. Augustine) area LoneRanger April 08, 2009 11:54 am
I apologize for the delay. I sometimes only stop in here every few weeks. "I Am Special" summed up Jacksonville very well. Some people who have rarely been to Florida might think of a city in Florida and assume that it will be like the Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, South Beach, etc., that they have seen on TV. That is not Jacksonville, which many people would consider to be in Jacksonville's favor. People who like living in Jacksonville will probably not like living in South Florida (where I am) and vice versa. My new neighbors moved from S. Fla. to Jacksonvilee about two years ago and are already back in S. Fla. There are pros, cons, and tradeoffs in comparing the two areas. Miami is Florida's highest paid legal market (but still nothing like the NE states). It also has a higher cost of living, terrible traffic, crowds, etc. Ft. Lauderdale is a little better re traffic, crowding, etc. It seems that once people here get used to the "glitz," many who move away really miss it. The weather is also very different. Jacksonville winters are usually much colder, grayer, and windier than S. Fla. The water and sand at the beaches are also different in N. Fla. The aqua colored more tropical looking water that is seen in S. Fla. does not reach much farther north than Palm Beach (if it even gets up there) and the sand is also a bit darker farther north. Jacksonville is also an older city compared to the huge new condos and some of the newer tall office buildings in S. Fla., which, of course, some people hate. None of this means that S. Fla. is better or worse. Certainly, many would think it is worse than N. Fla., but it is quite "different." Being from the north, you may be very happy with Jacksonville. Personally, if I were starting a new life in Fla. today, I would probably choose the Sarasota area, if I could find a decent position there. The west coast has nice weather all year, beautiful beaches, water, sand (almost white) and a slower pace than S. Fla. Good luck to you and your family.

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