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Update RunninFromTheLaw February 11, 2009 05:08 pm
Well, my ass got canned from BIGLAW as a result of the head-rolling after the banking fallout-- worked in a capital markets group in a major financial city doing a very non-sexy sort of work and things just dried up. A lot of the younger associates & partners were waiting for the shoe to drop. And it dropped hard.

Luckily had my non-law business up and going and had already signed up client #1 when the axe fell. Will be signing up client #2 next week; client #3 looks good in another month.

To hedge my bets, have been talking with a SMALLLAW firm & having BIGLAW on the resume definitely helped. A lot. While only a mid-level at BIGLAW, I'll be coming in as a partner into SMALLLAW. Overall pay will be about 60% of BIGLAW in year 1, but I'll be an owner.

After getting tossed on the street by BIGLAW, lesson learned: a) don't put all your labor widgets in one basket; b) no one really cares about you but your family; c) don't let life happen & be passive-- take control over your destiny and be proactive.

I'm just lucky I had 'Plan B' in place, my non-law business, before getting 'separated' from my BIGLAW employer. I feel bad for the poor saps who are in their mid 50s and don't have a plan 'B' in place and who are tired and don't have the time to recover.

This sucks and will probably get worse, all the while our government is mortgaging our children's future by printing money!!!

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