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Re: Bloodletting in Detroit? Spotty Hustle January 14, 2009 06:42 am
Dickinson - more than rumors. They've been sued for malpractice by a former patent client for (I heard) 50 million. But Dickinson could get a boost if Magna buys Chrysler.

My ship has left the dock and so Foley would never be an option for me, but I've heard others say what you've said about them. It seems odd the firm based in Milwaukee could rise like Foley has. Kudos to them.

Your last point is dead on too - every one of the big seven expects you to work your butt off and make personal sacrifices to make them more money in order to cover dead-weight partners and extravagant overhead, as well as to ensure billings to earnings ratios of over 100% for the fat cat partners.

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