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Re: Bloodletting in Detroit? Uncle Bill January 13, 2009 04:14 pm
My understanding is that Honigman and Warner are viewed to be the best seated. Butzel - suffering. Dickinson - suffering, aging and continuous loss of major clients over the years with some rumors of lawsuits and scandals in the press. Miller - no major rumors. Seems to be doing better than Butzel and Dickinson. Foley, doing very well. Paying very well all the way up the chain, which is probably something that only Honigman also does. (Many of the other firms start out at decent pay, but the annual increases/bonuses are pitiful, and junior partners make little more than 1st year Biglaw associates, if that much.) Top-notch, young leadership, top tier clients at Foley with ability to leverage off national and international platform for premium fee work. High billing rates and high demands on attorneys to perform financially. Clark Hill, I can't speak for but has been doing well the past few years. Seen as a "keep what you kill firm" with emphasis on individual's financials. Dykema, don't hear much about them or Bodman these days. Some may tell you to go to a lifestyle firm, but, I would head to Foley if you get the chance. Big bucks, great experience, national exposure. From there, you can leap up hill or down hill, and to better markets, and make money along the way. It's not as easy to climb or lateral from any of the others (except Honigman) and at the end of 5 years you're own your own in any case. Don't think they won't work you on weekends and holidays at the lifestyle firms too.

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