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Re: Accounting? villi March 13, 2009 10:44 am
Wow, a reply, that's awesome. Thanks!

I don't have a CPA or an accounting degree. I have an MBA, but I only had to take a couple of accounting classes for that. So no, not an accountant.

I thought that the Big4 had a place for straight tax lawyers. I thought those were the people who kept coming up with ridiculous tax shelters to sell to their clients (who later had to hire law firms to clean up for them).

I'm in DC, not NYC, and don't know what the difference is in the kinds of work done here, the job market, etc. The law firm work is very different here than in NYC.

I'll go run those searches you suggested.

I guess your clerkship is ending? Have you thought of looking for a more permanent clerkship position? I've heard of permanent clerk positions, but don't know much about it (never clerked myself).

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