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Re: Accounting? lowlylawclerk March 13, 2009 10:12 am
go to and search the threads, it will answer many of your questions, as will a search of the greedy tax board here. just search 'big4'

i am currently an appellate law clerk who took this gig to get out of public acctg (big4, not NYC or DC) so you can guess my view. but, with that being said, with the current job market, i may end up back in public acctg (sigh)

i found big4 to be populated with mostly very competent people, as far as their sphere of expertise was concerned. but, those spheres are very different from tax law, for the most part. accounting for partnership allocations of step-downs in basis aint legal work, and it aint fun either.

without knowing more about your firm i can't opine on the hours being better or worse. i worked 40-45 a week in non-busy periods and 60 +++ during busy season (of which there are more than one in big4) and i've heard many horror stories of NYC specialty groups working biglaw hours for 60% of the pay. fyi, NYC Big4 specialty groups aren't really hiring right now.

finally, do you have an acctg undergrad, or are you at least CPA eligible? b/c if you are not then i don't think you'll recieve favorable responses.

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