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Accounting? villi March 11, 2009 06:33 pm
I am a junior tax lawyer at a firm that looks like a dead end, and at least as of a couple of months ago, other firms in the city weren't hiring.

That leaves government or accounting firms.

So, I have the idea in my head that a job at an accounting firm might not be so bad. At least there would be the possibility of eventually jumping to management of some client corporation, which could be a good outcome I think. And I'm also hoping that a large, established accounting firm would at least know its own field -- accounting -- well enough that I could respect the firm and the people I worked with. Accounting work seems to be pretty portable, so I could someday move to another part of the country and still find work (whereas real tax law seems to be done in New York, period). Plus, one particular accounting firm I may have a contact at is located close by, and I could commute with my husband, spend less time in the car, etc, etc.

Drawback to staying put at my firm is that I'm not getting any training. Worse, the reason I'm not getting training is that no one in my group knows what they're doing. The partners themselves need training, and are therefore in no position to offer training to associates.

Drawback to jumping to an accounting firm is the possibility that I'd be working for people just as dumb, but for half the pay (the partners at my firm all came from accounting firms, government, or both).

Are the hours at least better for a tax lawyer at an accounting firm versus at a law firm? Are the people at the big accounting firms generally competent within their sphere? Is there any benefit to an accounting firm over a law firm, or am I just full of it?

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