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Re: More on Judge Clay DirectedVerdict June 06, 2011 09:16 pm
I clerked for Judge Clay a number of years ago. It was demanding work, but very rewarding. I have read some of the other messages on this thread, including some negative comments that were posted about a decade ago. But my clerkship experience was extremely positive.

The Judge took a strong interest in the clerks, personally and professionally. On many occasions, he shared his experiences and insights with us, during Cincinnati trips and in Chambers. On one occasion, he flew all four of the clerks to Cincinnati, to hear oral argument in an en banc case, solely for our benefit; only one of us was assigned to that case, but he wanted the others to get the experience of hearing an en banc oral argument. Additionally, his assistant, Carol, was very helpful throughout the year, and took a strong interest in the clerks.

The workload varied throughout the year, but it was manageable. By nature, being an appellate clerk is demanding work, which requires diligence and attention to detail. But we were not required to work weekends -- I think I worked two weekend days during the whole year, and those days were by my own choice.

Through the clerkship, I built enduring relationships. On Cincinnati trips particularly, the clerks spent a lot of time together and with Carol and the Judge. After the clerkship, I have stayed in touch with the Judge; on a number of occasions, I have called Chambers seeking guidance, and he has always been generous with his time and contacts. I am also still in close contact with one of my co-clerks.

A few years ago, there was a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Judge's investiture (i.e., of his taking the bench), and it was very well-attended by former clerks, many of whom have gone on to do very impressive things -- in both the private and public sectors. Hardly any of those former clerks live in or near Detroit; instead they traveled in from both coasts (and elsewhere) to attend, which is a sign of their feelings for the Judge.

On a pragmatic level, the clerkship opens up a lot of opportunities and provides an invaluable introduction to appellate work. Years later, the clerkship still receives great esteem from other lawyers.

I look back fondly at the clerkship and always enjoy checking in with Chambers.

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