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A warning to those considering clerkships in a bad economy - Don't Do It! Clerkin' 4 a Living June 26, 2010 11:59 am
If you are a rising 3L with a solid law firm offer - go to the firm! Do not make the mistake I did. I had an offer from a good firm for good money as a rising 3L, and I took a clerkship instead. The firm did not hold the offer open for post-clerkship, but I took the clerkship anyway figuring there would be an even better offer after the completion of a federal district court clerkship in a major metro area.

Well, I am now making 78k as a GS 12-2 attorney with a second tier federal agency. Wish I had just gone to big law after 3L. The firm I had the offer from has not laid anyone off, so I would have been far better off not clerking.

Do not buy the hype you get from career services offices who want to place students in clerkships!


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