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Re: Accepting an Offer While Waiting to Hear from Another Firm TX_IP_Litigator September 30, 2009 05:22 pm
" Here's a scenario on which I'd love to get people's feedback. I have an offer from Firm 1, and although no concrete acceptance date has been set, I imagine the offer will likely be revoked shortly if I do not accept soon. I recently interviewed with Firm 2, a firm I would rather join. However, Firm 2 won't be able to get back to me by the time in which I imagine Firm 1 wants my answer. "

I thought standard professional behavior here is to TELL Firm 2 that another firm has made an offer. Many times in interviews I have been specifically told that if I get another offer, let them know and they'll speed things up.

Option A is a total load of crap and you know it. Just tell Firm 2 that you have an offer that you are considering but that you are more interested in Firm 2. Firm 2 should either quickly make an offer or quickly reject you. It's only fair and professional.

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