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Smaller markets no1 September 02, 2011 10:40 am
Does anyone know how difficult it is for a T2 grad with 7+ years experience to get a job in a smaller market like Milwaukee or Madison? Chicago sucks, there are 70,000 lawyers here, and there are only like 10 jobs posted in the law bulletin in the last month. Going solo is a fools errand in this market because the pie has gotten smaller while the number of hungry attorneys has gotten only larger.

Two lawyers at this firm have left in the last year to take jobs in smaller markets and start at or near $100,000 and I'm starting to think 'to hell with Chicago' and since my wife's family is from WI that might be the place to move. Madison seems to have more corporate and firm jobs posted around the net than Chicago and the Madison areas has only 500,000 people compared to Chicago's 9,000,000.

Anyone care to share their thoughts?

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