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Re: Any chance to work for firm in Canada w/ a U.S. law degree? In re Greedy September 25, 2008 01:13 pm
It can't hurt to get in touch with every U.S. firm that has a Canadian office. Google and some patience and you should be able to find them. I think there are some Buffalo firms with a Toronto office - Hodgson Russ for example. The vast majority are going to be in the Toronto area. If you're significant other moved somewhere else, then you are going to have very difficult time. In that case, you would need to think about becoming Canadian qualified, find an in-house position that doesn't require a Canadian bar, or find a new career.

There is not going to be much, if any, demand for international law at a U.S. or Canadian firm. If you want to pursue that, then Ottawa may be the place to find that at an NGO or find out what firms are doing NAFTA dispute work (e.g., softwood lumber disputes, etc.). Otherwise, I would rework your resume to highlight any corporate/commercial experience you might have because U.S. firms won't be doing family, criminal, litigation, etc. in Canada.

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