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Re: Crappy Canadian schools? April 21, 2008 08:26 am
Let's dispel a few myths:

1) Absolutely no school in Canada will take you with a "crappy" GPA; you might have to do another year of undergrad to pull them up.
2) Canada does not have a three/four-tier system the way the US does. All our schools are government subsidized, and therefore relatively on-par with each other. Some school are more difficult to get into, and some have higher Bay St. placement, but that is largely due to the nature and composition of the student body.
3) Students graduating from "social justice" schools have little problem finding Bay St. placements if they do well in their schools.
4) Students graduating from any school going into solo practice will make the same, irrespective of their school of choice. In Canada, this rarely falls below $45k. Some personal injury lawyers I know make 4x what they do on Bay St.

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