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Help! Take a yr off fm BIGLAW to improve DOJ/USAO lateral chances? Lolita in black April 08, 2009 09:03 pm
My V5 BIGLAW firm has offered us a year long sabbatical to "explore other interests." Given that I ultimately hope to land a job at either Main Justice or a USAO, would it be better for me to A) decline the offer, stick it out at the firm, and continue to deliver myself from my educ. loans while I try to get trial experience through pro bono work or B) take the yr off and volunteer and have a better chance of getting some trial experience - even if the best trial experience I can rustle up is state court civil legal aid work (ex: evictions, foreclosure, divorce)? Would the answer change if I could volunteer as an assistant state attorney or with the FPD's office? Any other suggestions for volunteer opportunities that could be worthwhile? Any other advice specific to a 3rd yr lit. associate and Harvard grad who did not clerk but did do a journal?


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