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Re: GOP Debate Bloodletting patentdough October 26, 2011 06:53 am
The NYT and WaPo have a few articles along the lines of what I'm thinking the past few days;
Today on how China is investing heavily in desalination and willingly taking losses. I didn't see a note in the article about why, but my understanding is that the aquifer in their agricultural region (north? south?) has been severaly depleted in the past few decades, and they are extraordinarily concerned about food sources now to the point of offering to buy parts of Brazil for farming.
And this a much broader look by the Washington Post about resource depletion. The WaPo article is a great view from a scary viewpoing.

Probably empty blather on a dead website, but there are some great reads out there about how the world's population has only gotten where it is by the constantly intensifying uses of carbons for everything, including food production and distribution and water desalination etc. The energy supplies get threatened and there is going to be a big problem.

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