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Re: Looking for suggestions on Midwest mid-size firms Cpt. Tuttle August 11, 2008 12:23 pm
Speaking for St. Louis (caveat - this information is a little old but I have no reason to believe things have changed that much) there are a number of great firms. Students from the top 14 law schools are attractive to these firms even without the top grades. These firms like to keep a mix of law review types from local schools and top school graduates around. The partners like it and some clients care about it. You won't practice insurance defense at any of the following:

Bryan Cave (big office of a megafirm) and Sonnenschein (small office of a megafirm) are in a class by themselves in St. Louis. Wait wait, I am not saying those are the best or smartest lawyers but they do have the most far-reaching practices and probably make the most $ top to bottom. Then, there is ThompsonCobrun and Husch Blackwell (approaching megafirm size without a significant presence outside Missouri). Then, there are Lewis Rice, Greensfelder (smaller than TC/HBS but similar practice breadth). There are Polsinelli and Stinson (KC-based firms with significant STL offices). Fulbright Jaworski is in St. Louis but with a very small cross-section of that firm's practice) Some boutiques you might overlook would include Capes Sokol, Dowd Bennett, Haar Woods, Carmody MacDonald.

I am not trying to come off as a chamber-of-commerce shill, but I really enjoy practicing law and raising a family in St. Louis. It is a city full of good people, neighborhoods, cultural institutions, schools and park. Good luck in your job search.

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