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Placement Bonus quantum meruit June 25, 2008 07:23 am
Are you thinking of changing jobs?

I am a legal search consultant with a national focus and a new business model.

If I place you with a new firm, I will pay you a placement bonus, based on a sliding scale:

For jobs paying $160,000 - $199,999, the bonus is $15,000. For jobs paying $200,000 or more, the bonus is $20,000. For jobs under $160,000, the bonus is $10,000.

In addition I do much more than just forward resumes. I will review and help revise your entire presentation, which includes substantial time on the phone and/or in person reviewing your career to date, helping create an ongoing plan, and preparing for interviews.

Although I am compensated by the firms, my primary loyalty is to my candidates, whom I consider to be the true clients.

By way of background, I practiced law in New York for 20 years, 14 as a partner.

If you would like more information, please email me --

Every inquiry will be held in total confidence.

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