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Re: What about bonuses dudekeepitreal March 31, 2008 10:35 pm
Sorry for responding to an old post, but this one was so pathetic I could not resist.

All fed up, BMO is clearly a troll. He serves no useful purpose. This is no doubt true in the real world as here in cyberspace.

Your rant however is sad. How shattered is your self-esteem and how bogus is your wannabe midwest "BIGLAW" firm to cause you to think that having a 3-series beemer and a loft condo is somehow pretentious? If by "real money" you mean "old money," I've got news for you... you will never have enough. If by "real money" you mean "more money," well there is always going to be someone on a higher rung of the ladder, and they will be driving even nicer cars and have better cribs. (Except those living in a dump like KC and driving defunct Volkswagens). Trust me, the latter think less of the fools working for peanuts doing the same job as your pretentious associate with the loft condo and sports car. Which one is smarter? Has more options? Will retire better/sooner? Your head must be really screwed up if you think "slumming it" is the path to respect from superiors. They will just wonder what the hell is wrong with you.

Bottom line, If you are a mid or upper level associate and can't afford to drive a nice car and have a decent place to live, you truly are dirt on the sole of a partner's shoe. Associates here in the midwest work just as hard as their better paid cousins on the coasts. They just get paid a lot less. Accept it. Anything else is nothing more than jealousy.

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