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No longer going to law school JustAStudent December 17, 2006 03:46 pm
Man, this is depressing. I've been following this board for a couple of years as an undergrad and I really thought the partners would step up this year. Unfortunately, they didn't and now I'm really questioning if I want to go to law school. My plan since my junior year of high school had been to go to law school, but now I don't think its worth it.

I scored in the top 2% on the LSAT and I'm sure I could get a decent financial aid package at a good school, but if the partners are going to hoard all the money for themselves I think it's time to give up the dream, go work in finance for a few years, then get an MBA. It looks like that will be a much more lucrative route.

I'm just glad that this board exists so that I can make the right decision now before I get stuck in a dead-end law job at BIGLAW like you guys. Thanks for getting the truth out so that those of us considering law school can make well-informed decisions.

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