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No revenge of the nerds whygotolawschool December 14, 2006 06:10 am
I hope this year of bonus numbers causes a revolt. But it wont. Because, lets face it we are all total dorks. The guys that never got dates, that got beat up in the playground. Thats why we sit here and take this beating and just gripe about it. As much as we hate bankers, they have the chutzpah to step up and do something about being wronged. We go into law because its a "safe" profession, the one where we are "guaranteed" a job. Seriously, if you went to a top 5 law school as I did, if you compared the student bodies of our law school and the business school, the B-school students were better looking, more confident. The law school students, on the other hand, were total geeks. The partners know this, since they themselves are dorks and losers and make a living out of getting yelled at by 25 year-old bankers and as such there will be no Revenge of the Nerds this year (or any other year). So lets stop talking as if we are hard.

HOWEVER, I do agree that if Simpson steps up, WE WILL ALL be singing its praises and that will make sure that it beats the "paleo-prestige" firms like Cravath and S&C for top students. Lets hope it thinks with its collective brains......

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