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Re: Question on publication Angry_White Clerk March 30, 2005 10:47 am
Now that I am as happy as I can be with the process (despite the fact that I am not going to try and trade up), I have a few comments:

Because I am a little anal retentive, I spent some time this weekend sorting though all of the rejection letters I have received from law reviews. Indeed, although everything I have sent out has been published, I still get a lot of rejections. Since they are now sorted, I was thinking that I could scan them in or something, and post them to the web as part of some art project. I wish I had a few rejection voicemails to add to it, but I don't.

What gets me about these people is that they are 2Ls. Anyway, here is what I noticed.

1) Some EICs are too busy to sign their names. So they have someone else sign their name, and, at the bottom put his initial in big letters, followed by a slash, and then the person who drafted the letter"s initials. If these people were not law students it would be normal.

2) A number of places refer to me as "professor." They still rejected my article, but guess I like being called professor. Without outting myself, I should note that I have a very funny name, and when "Professor" is put before it, it is quite ironic.

3) A couple of places told me that because I was not a professor, my article would not be considered. This is ironic because last year they rejected my article, but "encouraged" me to submit again. Law reviews are funny.

4) They seem to use a lot of flowery language about how my article will be "well received" (or similar language). Ironically, this one came so fast that I don't think they could have read it fast enough. Of course, maybe they are bitter because some lawfirm or judge rejected them. So, it is doubtful that they could understand whether it would be well-received anywhere. This law review, I know from inside sources has accepted many articles in the past that have been later discovered to by the tin-hats squad.

5) They said they are not interested in my article "at this time." Wtf. Does this mean that they will be later? Or does it mean that they hate it? Of course they hate it. Or they don't like me?

6) A few places asked for my CV. I imagine there are some that trashed it because I don't include a CV, despite what those people at ExpressO say ( ), I don't think that submitting a CV is really ethical, nor do I think that relying upon a CV to make a decision is ethical. So, I ignored their pleas for my CV. Of course I already had offers, and as I said earlier, I am not going to trade up.

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