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Re: reply to all Anonymous Motorhead September 24, 2000 01:48 pm
No comments on Brinks Hofer, but yes, this board seems dead because no one seized the moment to create this board earlier this year. That being said, let's try to pump it up. Here's what happened this summer (in a nutshell) at the firms that were most frequently mentioned on the Yahoo board and on the Greedy Midwest Board:

Honigman--started the salary "war" in Detroit, but now is trying to increase hours on the Q.T. Overall, most associates know that their chances of making shareholder are weak, and that HMSC is a bad environment. They try to be like a New York firm, although New York they are not. Get a grip...please.

Bodman--went up to 97 base for existing 1st years (now 2nd years), plus a *compressed* bonus for slightly less than 2000 hours. No real complaints about this place over the summer.

Dickinson--traditionally a cheap, but *prestigious* Detroit firm, they raised salaries, reportedly like Dykema. Hired a *bunch* of new folks within the past 9 months to combat the attrition that they have been suffering from in the past 2 years. No real frills here. Bonuses are compressed. Salaries are in lock step.

Dykema--Ditto (see Dickinson). Has a dual-tiered compensation system similar to DW. Sort of like Detroit's Jones Day--a true *McFirm.*

Howard & Howard--About 14 departures since the end of May (partners and associates), including a spin-off IP firm. Hours are reportedly reduced to 1950 (see the boards), but reportedly the old hours standard is expected. No real salary increase, just increased potential bonus (see board).

Jaffe Raitt--Also raised to Bodman levels (hours included in this), but is undergoing a "restructuring." Not a big firm on the level of HMSC, Dickinson, Dykema, Bodman, or Miller. Big local practice. Okay if you want local.

Miller Canfield--raised, but not to everyone's expectations for the largest firm in Michigan. Pay is like Bodman levels. Hours around 2000.

If you have any more updated information on these, or any other Detroit firm, please share. This board is for the dissemination of information to help associates, not to bash the firms.

A comment on Detroit: A number of associates at the large Detroit firms have picked up and gone to Chicago, DC, NY, Atlanta, CA, or elsewhere, just since this spring. Know that Detroit will *never* pay on the scale of NY, Chicago, DC, etc. The business just isn't there, and the large corporations in town (big 3 and others) send their complicated legal work out of town. What does this say? Not much for Detroit, its firms, partners, and associates. A change is needed in the business climate of Detroit so that Detroit firms can truly prosper.

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