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Firm Practice (Clients, Deals, Pro Bono)   "Litigation is declining and tax, though growing, is sufferi...11-15-1999
      Is there any estimate of how short the firm is on tax attorne...03-28-2000
      Tax at Cahill01-12-2001
   "The bulk of clients are major investment banks, large corpo...11-15-1999
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Firm Culture, Work Atmosphere, Social Life   "As a major law firm, Cahill certainly has a degree of press...11-15-1999
   "The firm is excellent about sponsoring sports teams. The fi...11-15-1999
   "The atmosphere/culture at Cahill is generally laid back. I ...11-15-1999
   "[The firm culture is] very uptight, even though we market o...11-15-1999
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Hiring and Interviewing   "The firm doesn't have a grade cutoff, and evaluates people ...11-15-1999
   "The firm doesn't have a grade cutoff, and evaluates people ...11-15-1999
   "A tip is be prepared to ask a lot of questions. My intervie...11-15-1999
   "Cahill definitely is looking for confident, able, grown-ups...11-15-1999
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Assignments, Responsibilities, Training   "Virtually all training is on-the-job. I wish this weren't t...11-15-1999
   "Most work done by young litigators is research and writing ...11-15-1999
   "Litigation associates (like myself) sometimes have down per...11-15-1999
   "One of Cahill's best features is the lack of an assigning c...11-15-1999
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Feedback, Evaluation, Partnership Prospects   "We are evaluated once per year. Partners we've worked for t...11-15-1999
   "I do not know if mid-level associates are given an indicati...11-15-1999
   "Litigators here don't feel that partnership is an option in...11-15-1999
   "I have heard that seventh-year associates are given some le...11-15-1999
Management   "Cahill is run in a way that prompts one to envision scenes ...11-15-1999
   "The management of the firm is an enigma to most associates....11-15-1999
   "Recent moves toward quality of associate life issues have c...11-15-1999
Compensation   Lack of Gym and Dental Plan09-22-2000
   "One unusual aspect of compensation is that the associates a...11-15-1999
      Augmented Secy Salary09-22-2000
   "The salary structure is always near the top of the city. Bo...11-15-1999
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Women & Minorities   "I note that Cahill is progressive when it comes to gay/lesb...11-15-1999
   "Female attorneys are regarded by male colleagues the same w...11-15-1999
   "I am not aware of any women partners with significant clout...11-15-1999
      "no minorities"05-12-2000
Office Facilities, Support Services   "Cahill does have some interesting modern art - and some won...11-15-1999
   "The office seems to have gotten a little cramped lately as ...11-15-1999
   "The offices are indeed boring/functional. The best art coll...11-15-1999
   "The support staff is underwhelming. Secretaries are a crap-...11-15-1999
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