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Firm Practice (Clients, Deals, Pro Bono)   While the firm does some pro bono, the hours are not billabl...02-08-2000
Firm Culture, Work Atmosphere, Social Life   This office (and from what I've seen of the other offices, t...02-08-2000
      RE: Foley & Lardner09-09-2000
   The associates are treated pretty well by the partners. In p...02-08-2000
   Foley prides itself on being a casual, friendly, cooperative...02-08-2000
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Assignments, Responsibilities, Training   First and second year associate responsibility ranges from r...02-08-2000
Feedback, Evaluation, Partnership Prospects   Feedback on a specific project must be pursued. The firm has...02-08-2000
Compensation   The firm's salary structure is pretty competitive. The bonus...02-08-2000
      Associate Bonus Program02-29-2000
      Salary Compression06-05-2000
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